D&A Contracting is a family-owned and operated trucking company with over five decades of combined experience.

We've continually met the transportation needs of our residential, industrial and commercial community. Let us prove it to you.

Our Safety.

At D&A, our unwavering dedication to safety standards remains our top priority.

To provide a safe working environment and to ensure nobody gets hurt a work, our team follows strict safety protocols.

Driver Qualifications & Requirements:

  • 10 years of employment history
  • Completed driver's abstract and background check
  • Routine drug and alcohol testing
  • Mandatory completion of driver's safety training programs
  • DL Medical Card

Management Procedures:

  • 24/7 oversight equipment technology on all vehicles
  • Proof of all permits, licenses and certifications for material transit & disposal
  • Routine fleet inspection, repair & maintenance 
  • 100% accordance with OSHA and FMSCA laws / regulations

Our Community.

Business moves at the speed of community.

For over a decade, D&A has pioneered and grown to educate, inspire and empower our community through our core values.
Our Team.
Our Partners.
Our Customers.
Our Advocates.
Our People.

We lead by example. We work together. We are open and honest in our communication.
We act with integrity. Above all, we are committed to our people.

Our Environment.

Our Place.. Our Planet.. Our Responsibility.
We are responsible stewards of the environment and champions for sustainability.

We strive to conduct our work in the most sustainable way possible, making responsible decisions that set our people, our planet, and our business up for long-term prosperity. 
Some trash is recycled. Some is thrown away. Some ends up where it shouldn't be. Let us sort that out.

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